I'm a designer based out of Indianapolis. Currently working at Lodge Design. Soon to be graduate of Herron School of Art + Design.
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The Bigger Picture Show is almost here! This year I’ve chosen Close Encounters of the Third Kind as my film. I can’t wait to show everyone what I’ve been working on!

It’s funny how something stupid you made on a weeknight years ago can now be shared and liked hundreds of thousands of times.

The top one is the original, just doing a quick search I found all these “remixes”. 

People be cray. 

Conner Praire area badges I’ve been working on for quiet some time. It’s been a lot of fun to create these and I can’t wait to see how we use them throughout the park.

Some more lyrics.

Pa Pa Power - Dead Man’s Bones

A few screenshots of a mockup for a upcoming Indy Chamber project.

Haven’t done a type piece in a while.

LCD Soundsystem - New York, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down


I’ll just leave this here. 

In honor of the rumors!